Photogallery building, rooms, etc. Benefits of location Sights, Sea, Santo Domingo Investment appeal why it is interesting
Floor Plan: -1 to 10 levels

Six 2-level penthouses of 98, 101, 102 (m2) Lay-out 1, Lay-out 2

Apartments of 65, 178, 208 (m2) Lay-out

Pool, apartments of 62, 65, 143 (m2) Lay-out

Lobby, reception, parking Lay-out

Underground parking Lay-out

The cost of the underground parking is included in the budget of the apartment. There is 1 parking space reserved for the owners of 65 and 62 meters apartments; 2 parking spaces for owners of 178, 143 and 208 m2 apartments and 1 parking spaces for the penthouse.

Six 2-level penthouse of 98, 101 and 102 m2 with 1 bedroom on the first level. Large terrace on the second level with jacuzzi.

All floors from the 2 to the 8th have an identical lay-out. 3 apartments are located on each one of them: 1 apartment with 1 bedroom of 65 m2 area, 1 apartment with 2 bedrooms of 178 m2 areas and 1 apartment with 3 bedrooms of 208 m2 areas.

Pool, 1 appartment of 62 m2, 2 appartment of 65 m2 and 1 of 143 m2.

Lobby in marble with video intercom.

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