The prices for real estate in the capital of the Dominican Republic have a steady tendency to growth. Even in crisis.
Why it occurs?

Photogallery building, rooms, etc. Benefits of location Sights, Sea, Santo Domingo

All listed advantages are pledge of stability of your investments. For the same reason by getting an apartment in our project, you can count on an annual gain of its market cost.

It is especially actual in a world economic crisis and high inflationary indicators of the basic world currencies. Benefits of acquisition of apartments in our project are not limited by this.

You can lease your acquired apartment, having thus high return of the invested capital!

Demographic situation in Santo-Domingo and business activity

Let us remind you that 3 000 000 people live in Santo Domingo — it is a big city. Every year the city is visited by 1 000 000 tourists. Besides, it is the capital, and most of the money is here!

Comparison: purchase and tenancy of apartments in a tourist zone

For comparison let’s take the cost of rent of apartments on the northern coast (one of the apartment complexes between Sosua and Cabarete): renting apartments with the area of 60 square metres at a cost of 120 000 dollars, you can count on rent earnings in an amount of 700 dollars per month. Then you will give 200 dollars for utilities and electricity services. Thus, there are left 500 dollars a month, or 6 000 dollars a year.

It is only 5 %! And apartments in tourist zones are never filled all-the-year-round. During a season (these are 4-5 months, from September till January) deficiency of habitation comes up, and the rest of the time there are few visitors. So annual profitability, most likely, will be even lower. It is quite easy to check this statement. Visit any of sites of leading agencies on real estate sale in Dominican Republic (,,,, and compare the cost of acquisition of apartments and the cost of their rent (as a rule the rent section on all sites is present). Compare thus apartments in the same complex, as a rule they are easily identified on a photo. For example lot RE2023 on site By the way, the sale price is specified on it.

Growth of economy
in Dominican Republic

Steady growth of economic indicators in Dominican Republic. Despite world economic crisis in the country a positive dynamics on both industrial indexes and population incomes takes place. So, in 2007 the gross national product growth has reached 10,7 %, in 2008 – 9 %, gross national product Volume reaches now 77 billion dollars, and in recalculation per capita – 8 400 dollars. The peso course to dollar for some years has been in an interval from 35 to 36 peso for dollar. The foreign trade balance has been positive for many years now. The number of tourists coming to the Dominican Republic is more than, for example, in Turkey! Quite good indicators for a developing country!

Activity of citizens of Dominican Republic in the habitation market

In connection with steady growth of personal incomes, demand for apartments among citizens of the Dominican Republic grows.

Advantages of tenancy of the real estate in the capital

The cost of rent of one square metere of the real estate of comparable quality near the surrounding area of the project minus expenses on utilities and electricity makes not less than 10 US dollars a month. In a year it is 120 dollars. In case you sign the contract on apartment acquisition within the period from 10.01.2009 till 31.05.2010, the square metere of the area on 1-3 floors would cost 1 200 US dollars. Profitability of your investments can reach 10 % a year. It is quite comparable with profitability of business in which the owner himself participates in management – for example, with profitability of a hotel! And thus the price rises for the real estate as well!

Absence of the factor
of seasonal prevalence

Absence of the factor of seasonal prevalence in the capital. In the east and the north of the country tourists come to rest zones mainly from September till January, in the capital habitation takes and releases people who are engaged in business. And it demands presence all year round.

Habitation demand in the capital in comparison with other regions

The majority of buyers of real estate in Punta-Cana, Puerto Plata and Samana are foreign citizens from Europe and North America, who get apartments and country houses for rest. As crisis has affected these countries rather seriously, so incomes of potential buyers were reduced. People start to save, including expenses for rest. At the same time, if a foreign citizen is doing business in the Domincan Republic he is most likely to live in Santo Domingo. And if he lives in Santo Domingo he cannot do without a habitation (own or rented) at all.

In summary

it would be desirable to notice that due to the location of the building in our offered project, it has a rather high liquidity. If you want to sell an apartment, you can do it in about two months, without doing even any discounts, as habitation of similar quality in the offered area and under such prices as our offer in Santo Domingo is poor.
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