Construction company, conformed with the Dominican Republic regulations laws


The main goal of our company is defined by the Design, Construction, Supervision and Development of projects, having a wide experience in «Turn Key Projects» in which our staff of Architects, Engineers and Planners takes care of every minimum detail to carry out the projects from the earth movement until their final completion.

The office personnel, who are the «soul» of our company is a well trained crew, having a big experience in Computerized Aided Design (Auto Cad), Microsoft Project, 3D Design and many other computer softwares. The field personnel as well perform the job in a professional manner, following strictly the schedules and always looking forward to prevent any problem that may arise and could affect the normal development of the projects.


Following, a brief description of the main projects carried out by our company.

  • Expansion of the existing Pediatric Hospital «Maternidad San Lorenzo de Los Mina» Amount: RD$160,000,000.00 (In progress)
  • Construction of the «Los Mina Sanitary Center» (In progress) Amount: RD$10,000,000.00
  • Construction of the «Uvero Alto by the Sea Luxury Condos» project (In progress) Amount: US$16,470,000.00 (In progress)
  • Restoration of the Second Floor in Càmara de Cuentas Building (August 2006) Amount: RD$12,000,000.00
  • Restoration of the «Palace of Justice Building» (July 2000) Amount: RD$13,000,000.0
  • Construction of the «Fauri Tower» (In progress) Amount: US$3,000,000.00
  • Design and Construction of «Medolife Medical Center» (In Progress) Amount: US$4,5000,000.00
  • Design and Construction of 2 «Residential Houses» (In progress) Amount: RD$5,000,000.00

Phone: 809-532-1572
Fax: 809-533-9392
Location: Santo Domingo, Plaza Jardines del Embajador, Suite 307, third floor, Bella Vista


Company was founded in July 1992 for the purpose of construction of upscale apartments, for customers who appreciate comfort and luxuries of life. Currenty MAYSETU company in partnership with FULCAR Y ASOCIADOS is building a
multiple apartment building сalled TORRE FAURI which we are offering in this website.

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