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Apartment features

  • 208 m2
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 closets
  • Service Room


  • Terrace
  • Integrated kitchen
  • Big living room
  • The cost of the undergroung pakring is included in the budget of the apartment
Benefits of location Sights, Sea, Santo Domingo Investment appeal why it is interesting Masterplan
$ 249 600
208 m2
2-3 floors — $249600
4 floor — $251600
5 floor — $253600
6 floor — $255600
7 floor — $257600
8 floor — $259600
Conditions of purchase
of an apartment

Contract agreement

You agree the contract for the purchase of an apartment within one of the construction stages, specified in section «Established price of purchase of apartment» according to the current price. Within 10 calendar days from the moment of the conclusion of the contract you are obliged to bring a deposit at a rate of 10% from the cost of the acquired apartment. Deposit calculation is made by the cost of the apartment operating at the moment of signing the contract (section «Established price of purchase of apartment»).

For example, you agree the contract for the purchase of an apartment of 65 square meters of area on the 1st floor of the building. You have agreed the contract on August, 1st, 2010. The amount of your deposit in this case will be 9 000 $ (90 000 $ × of 10%).

Further payment

You should pay the remaining 90% of the purchased area in the following specified terms:
— 10% not later than in 30 days from the moment of the contract conclusion
— 20% not later than 01.10.2010
— 20% not later than 01.01.2011
— 40% not later than 5 days after reception by the client of our message on readiness of apartment.

At default of the given conditions the contract is considered terminated (the next day after the payment expiry of the term if the amount of the term stipulated by the contract is not brought or is brought incompletely). Moreover, the deposit thus is not returned back. Partially paid means besides the advances will be returned to you within 10 calendar days from the moment of contract cancellation.

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